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Animal Farm

Teaching Resources

Animal Farm - Hopes and Dreams

This free lesson focuses on the theme of hopes and dreams in ‘Animal Farm’. It is best used as a revision lesson once the study of the book is completed as the activities work towards a full essay covering the whole novel.
There are discussion points, speed writing tests, example paragraphs and more. The lesson takes about an hour, depending on how many of the activities the students complete, and is suitable for all abilities with individual and pair/group work. 

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Animal Farm - Verbalise!

Students work in teams with this fun card game. One team member uses their descriptive talents to verbalise well known words from ‘Animal Farm’ (without saying the actual word), while the others attempt to guess what’s on the card.

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All characters and themes, plus mind maps, grade 9 exam answers and more only £9.99 in paperback.