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Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

by Robert Lewis Stevenson

‘The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ is one of Robert Louis Stevenson’s most famous novels. It tells of the respectable doctor who uses science to create an alter ego but who in the end is overpowered and destroyed by the darker side of his personality. The story is full of mystery, drama and tension, and has thrilled readers for more than a century, inspiring dozens of films, TV adaptations and stage plays.

We have chosen key quotations that will help you revise efficiently and effectively. Each quotation is analysed for ideas, language and context.

Use the links below to revise key quotes about Dr Jekyll, Mr Hyde and the theme of reputation & repression, and to read a full exam question and answer about the setting.

You can also use the timeline to refresh your memory on the sequence of events and for teachers, we’ve made a powerpoint available that focuses on key quotations.


Dr Jekyll

Mr Hyde

Reputation & Repression

Exam Q&A

Power Point

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