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The Sign of The Four

by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Sherlock Holmes is a hugely popular fictional character. The stories of how he solves complex mysteries are read all over the world and there have been countless films, TV programmes and spinoffs from these stories. ‘The Sign of the Four’ is a lively, gripping tale of betrayal, love and greed, and has delighted readers for over one hundred years.

We have chosen key quotations that will help you revise efficiently and effectively. Each quotation is analysed for ideas, language and context.

Use the links below to revise key quotes about Holmes, Dr Watson and the theme of friendship, and to read a full exam question and answer on the theme of punishment & justice.

You can also use the timeline to refresh your memory on the sequence of events and for teachers, we’ve made a powerpoint available that focuses on key quotations.


Sherlock Holmes

Dr Watson


Exam Q&A

Power Point

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