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Animal Farm

by George Orwell

‘Animal Farm’ is one of Orwell’s most famous novels. The story of the oppressed animals who overthrow their masters only to end up in an even worse state of servitude has entertained millions of readers for over fifty years. Its universal appeal is obvious but tackling such a wide-ranging story in a short exam is a real challenge.

We have chosen key quotations that will help you revise efficiently and effectively. Each quotation is analysed for ideas, language and context.

Use the links below to revise key quotes about Napoleon, Snowball and the theme of education, and to read a full exam question and answer on the theme of hopes & dreams.

You can also use the timeline to refresh your memory on the sequence of events and for teachers, we’ve made free resources available including a classroom lesson on the theme of hopes & dreams.





Exam Q&A

Classroom Resources

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