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Child Rescue Nepal

At Lightbulb Revision, we’re passionate about the importance of education and it’s role in improving lives and helping all children achieve their potential. 

5% of the profit from every revision guide helps Child Rescue Nepal continue their work – an important part of which includes supporting schools, in turn preventing even more children falling into the hands of traffickers.

Read on to find out more and what you can do to help.


Working to end child slavery 

There are an estimated 100,000 child slaves working in hazardous situations in Nepal. The children are extremely vulnerable and often suffer from physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Child Rescue Nepal work to rescue children in slavery, keep them safe and reunite them with their families.

With more people globally in slavery than at any other point in history, Child Rescue Nepal is on the ground, removing children from factories, restaurants, hotels and construction sites where they are held captive. They take the children to safe houses and provide them with medical care and counselling. The next step is tracing their families and safely reuniting them, providing ongoing support where necessary.

Supporting schools, preventing slavery

In the trafficking prone district of Makwanpur, Child Rescue Nepal support over 100 schools and encourage children to get an education.

It is a little known fact that by attending school, children are far less likely to be trafficked. Absence from school is likely to be noticed, and education can make a child more sceptical of traffickers. When a child goes missing, teachers know how to report their concerns.

In 2017 Child Rescue Nepal kept 21,987 children safe from traffickers by supporting them to stay in school.

By funding midday meals at just one school in Dokotar, they helped boost attendance by 41%. Children in the area had previously been given local homemade alcohol by their parents to keep them going as they had very little food to eat at home. Once the children knew they could eat at school, they were more likely to make the trek to classes and stay there all day, boosting their education and improving their life chances.



How you can help

Even a small donation will make a very real difference to the lives of vulnerable children in Nepal. That’s something you can do right now at the Child Rescue Nepal website, where you’ll also find lots more information about the charity and other ways you can support them.

If you’re not in a position to donate right now, please take a moment to share this post and help raise awareness about child slavery and the work of Child Rescue Nepal.